West Java Asks the New Port Constructed in Karawang

BANDUNG – Central government is asked to give an opportunity for port construction in Cilamaya, Karawang along with the overall evaluation result to the port project.

West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan, said his office still expected central government to realize Cilamaya Port construction due to its function which can boost West Java’s economy.

“Cilamaya is still under study and I do not want to precede central government but I hope Cilamaya is still constructed,” he said on Monday (2/2).

According to him, Cilamaya Port study will be conducted by National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) in the near future. The received information states central government wants to relocate port location since it disrupts offshore gas pipes in the previous location.

The government stated he will still give support if Cilamaya Port is relocated from its current position.

However, he expected the port is only relocated for two kilometers or still located in Karawang area. “It can be relocated but not too far. It should be in West Java area,” he added.

Heryawan explained the port can be relocated to Karawang area or to the area bordering with Subang. Any evaluation results of Bappenas over the project, he expected the government still realizes big port construction in West Java.

He also regretted Cilamaya Port project evaluation is conducted following its location nearby Pertamina’s Offshore North West Java (ONWJ) Block which comes later.

Governor wondered the evaluation. Moreover the project used to be studied and there were no issues over gas pipes.

“I asked why it appears now whereas in the planning previously, it did not appear,” he explained.

However, he believed central government can give solution due to some options.

In addition, he explained, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II/IPC will revive Cikarang-Bakasi-Sea canal.

“We give it all to central government but as a West Java resident, I still want Cilamaya to be constructed,” he asserted.

Kadin Disappointed

Meanwhile, West Java Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Chairman, Agung Suryamal Soetisno, said the employers in West Java are disappointed if Cilamaya construction is canceled by central government.

According to him, Cilamaya Port is very vital since it accesses Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta from industrial areas in West Java which takes long time.

“If it is not in Cilamaya, our request is that the port can be constructed in other West Java areas,” he said.

For West Java Province, he said the port existence is the important element since the area becomes a national industrial hub.

Moreover, West Java industrial sector also keeps showing positive growth.

If West Java has port, Agung said, it can bring efficiency, especially for export-oriented business players.

The export efficiency, he said, can reach 30% than the export from Tanjung Priok Port.

So far, West Java employers conducting export through Tanjung Priok Port have several issues for example delivery time efficiency and costs.

“For example, if force major occurs, export will surely be suspended. Employers may get penalty from buyers and must add storage cost at port,” he said.

Prior to that, Maritime Coordinating Minister, Indroyono Soesilo, said central government still evaluates Cilamaya Port development plan. “Cilammaya Port is under process and still evaluated. Transportation minister has visited the port but it has not been decided. We will see its progress,” he said. (Bisnis Indonesia)

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