Solution for Maritime Industry

AISSAT Prime is a family of vessel monitoring services. Through each service, we offers unique advantages to fulfill each requirement for each of party in maritime industry.

AISSAT Port Prime

AISSAT Port Prime is our service which gives an access to a system to monitor position of every vessel around ports area with range around 30 nautical mile from each port, live. This system allows the user to identify when there is a vessel approaching a certain port. For supplier or vessel contractor who provides many needs for the vessel, those information could be very valuable, so they could give a better service to the vessel, or even get a client because they have the information first.

AISSAT Port Prime also useful to identify whether a certain port is in a long queue or in a normal situation. With this information, a fleet manager could arrange the route of a vessel in an efficient way.

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M2 Prime

The ship owner or the management of the vessel usually needs to monitor the behavior of their crew. It is because the manager needs to make sure that the vessel is working in efficient way. The monitoring also could detect if there is any abuse conducted by the crew, such as fuel stealing, or route deviation.

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