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Basically, we serve vessel tracking to help clients monitor their vessel of interest. It could be monitor the vessels that bring their goods, monitor the behavior of vessels that is working for them, or just monitor for safety reason. These products are designed as the solution for oil and gas industry.

AISSAT Port Prime

Off shore oil and gas contractor usually needs to monitor any vessels that are working or just passing through their territory of work. While the vessel are often belongs to other party, so there is no way to install any additional equipment to the vessels. To solve the problem, we present AISSAT Port Prime as the solution. This system will track any vessels around the working area of the contractor. The system will also has ability to investigate, if there is any accident that involved vessels in that area.

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AISSAT Sat Prime

If you need to monitor the position of third party’s tanker, we could also provide the solution for you. AISSAT Sat Prime will allow you to see any vessel in the word, regardless the ownership of that vessel.

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M2 Prime

If you have your own vessel or you have the rights to install any equipment in the vessel, we can provide solution to monitor the vessel in deeper way. Through installing some addition sensor in the vessel, we can provide more detail information about a vessel, such as: fuel consumption, fuel level, machine rpm, output power of generator, etc. So you can make sure that the operational of the vessel is efficient.

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Custom Solution for Oil and Gas

We could also provide more enhanced solution to oil and gas industry. We can combine any solution above, or even provide a sophisticated solution like Vessel Traffic Management Information System. With the enhanced one, you could get many more advantages.

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