Yemeni, U.S. Authorities Seize Another Ship Carrying Illegal Weapons


Yemeni authorities, together with the U.S. Navy, intercepted an illegal weapons ship. The vessel had a significant amount of arms including rocket-propelled grenades and surface-to-air missiles.

In Yemeni territory in the Arabian Sea, the interception took place last Wednesday, according to CNN.

The crew of a U.S. Navy destroyer – USS Farragut [pictured above] – along with Yemeni officials spotted the suspicious ship and pursued an investigation. The ship had several flags onboard, but no reliable documentation showing where it came from.

The Yemeni Coast Guard located a large reserve of illegal weapons in three cargo holds upon boarding the vessel. Again, the cache included anti-aircraft missiles, C4 military-grade explosive, ammunition and bomb-making equipment. Some reports also state that money was found.

There were eight Yemeni crewmembers aboard the vessel at the time of its interception.

Many are alleging that the weapons were made in Iran and are an attempt by the Islamic Republic to reach out to rebels and other political figures in Yemen, says the UPI.





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