West Sumatra allocates Rp10.45 billion for fishermen


Padang  (ANTARA News) – West Sumatra Provincial Government has allocated Rp10.45 billion in funds to help alleviate 1,420 fishermen families in 2011-2015 period, Governor Irwan Prayitno said.
The government assistance which is derived from the 2013 state budget will be used to finance 38 business activities involving fishermen and to organized by personnel of the local maritime and fisheries affairs office, the governor said here on Thursday.
According to him, the fishermen alleviation program will be conducted in stages.
The alleviation program is expected to cover 248 families in 2013, 310 families in 2014 and 372 families in 2015, he disclosed.
Apart from that, the provincial administration will also carry out an integrated movement program in effort to help alleviate the farmers standard of living.
The governor pointed out that his administration has allocated Rp7.53 billion in fund, originating from the 2013 state budget.
In addition, the local agriculture office has also allocated Rp6.58 billion, which is aimed at alleviating the farmers family members.
Meanwhile, forestry office allocated Rp950 million for the public welfare improvement program.
The provincial government has planned a medium term development (2011-2015) to help raise the standard of living of 14,000 families of fishermen during 2011-2015



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