Vicente storm causes extreme heat conditions in Batam


Batam, Sumatra (ANTARA News) – Tropical storm Vicente, which swept through Vietnam earlier in the week, has led to extreme heat conditions in Batam and other regencies in Riau Islands Province.
“The heat was caused by the Vicente storm in Vietnam,” said Tria Agus, the Head of Information and Research of Geophysical, Climatology, and Meteorology Agency (BMKG), in Batam on Friday.

He added that the storm made weather conditions in Riau Island extremely humid.

Meanwhile, the weather forecasting team head of Hang Nadim BMKG, Asri Pratiwi, stated that the present climatic conditions in the region `could be attributed to the cloud formation around Kepri and the days ahead will either be bright or cloudy, but humid in any case`.

He said transportation activities `both on land and sea` would not be hindered.

“However, marine activities must be carried out with caution in light of the high waves, particularly around Bintan and Natuna,” Asri added.

The BMKG head predicted that the level of the seawater around Bintan could rise up to 65 centimetres per second from south and 75 centimetres per second from east in Natuna.

Earlier, when giving out the details, Asri said the weather in Batam was likely to be cloudy on Friday morning and bright-to-cloudy at noon, adding that there might be a drizzle in the evening.

The average wind speed during the day was likely to be approximately 30 kilometres per hour, coming from the south.

The temperature in Batam was predicted to be 24-32 degrees Celsius, while its humidity was projected to be 59-69 percent. Furthermore, the sea waves were expected to reach 1.2-2 metres.

Tanjungpinang and Bintan Regency`s weather on Friday was cloudy in the morning, bright-to-cloudy at noon, and cloudy in the evening, while the wind speed was around 5-30 kilometres per hour. The temperature hovered between 24 degrees Celcius and 32 degrees Celcius, while humidity remained in the range of 59-94 percent.

Meanwhile, temperature in Karimun stayed between 25 degrees Celcius and 33 degrees Celcius, with wind speed of 5-25 kilometres per hour, coming from the south. The sea waves reached 1-2 metres.(*)



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