Vice President Boediono Visits New Priok


JAKARTA – Vice President Boediono visited Tanjung Priok Harbor development project today (Monday 1/13/14),

After the speech by President Director of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC, PJ Lino, the Vice President immediately visited the cite to see the Tanjung Priok Harbor development.

Vice President Budiono’s visit started with a visit to Petikemas Kalibaru/New Priok Terminal development site, followed by a visit to PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, which is an export import unloading terminal for cars and heavy equipments.

In that opportunity, the Vice President also visited Tanjung Priok Harbor fly over development site.

Priok Harbor fly over is currently prepared for objects and crates distribution from and to Priok Harbor that will be connected to Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR).

President Director of Pelindo II/IPC RJ Lino said Kalibaru terminal or new Priok is a vital infrastructure development project.

“Besides speeding up the economic growth, Kalibaru terminal brings efficient logistic funds to the country,” he said.

He continues saying kalibaru Terminal can bring large benefits for the nations’ economy.







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