US warship, sea-based radar moved near the North Korean coast


US is moving some military forces after the tension in Korean peninsula is rising. The warship that is moved closer to the North Korean coast is a sea-based radar platform. The USS destroyer John S McCain and the oil rig like SBX-1 are the first deployed near the coast.

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little announced: “I would urge everyone to disconnect this ship deployment from recent military exercises in South Korea. We have regular ship movements in the Asia Pacific region and we use our ship movements for any number of purposes. So I’d be very careful about connecting this to recent tensions on the Korean Peninsula”

Before that movement of military forces there was a military exercise between US and South Korea with nuclear capable B2 stealth bombers and B-52s and F-22 raptor Stealth fighters.

“We are concerned about any miscalculation. It is our goal very clearly to avoid miscalculation and risk. We want to choose the path of peace and stability on the peninsula. The North Koreans recently have engaged in a series of provocations, both in words and in actions,” he added.

“It is time for them to come into compliance with their international obligations and to choose the path of peace,” he told, adding the US has not seen any kind of troop movements on the North Korean side that would indicate imminent military action.

“So we think that things may be dialing down just a bit on the Korean Peninsula. At least we hope so. Naturally we’re prepared for any contingency,”





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