Trawler ship crashed into rocks


The Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) is currently investigating what is the reason that caused a trawler to run onto rocks at the end of the Harrington breakwall north east of Taree.

There were 3 crew members that used a paddle board and life-raft to get to shore when the 16-metre timber trawler the Henry Lawson crashed into rocks.

Gordon Chirgwin, Crowdy-Harrington Sea Rescue’s unit told that the timber trawler was on its way from Port Macquarie to Old Bar.

He added it’s not yet known what was the reason of the incident.

“Debris and various fishing equipment came off the vessel and is in the water,” he told.

Mr. Chirgwin told that heavy machinery was used today to drag the trawler off the rocks and onto Harrington beach.

There were no injured people, according the report.

“Some small amount of diesel leaked from the trawler.”





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