Total Death toll from Cebu tragedy rises to 75


The total number of victims from the collision, which occurred last week between a cargo ship and a passenger vessel in Cebu rose to 75 as of 22nd of August, according to information from the Philippine Coast Guard. The passenger ship MV Thomas Aquinas sank after a collision with the cargo vessel Sulpicio Express 7 near the central city of Cebu – around 1,2 nautical miles from the shore. Among casualties, there were 4 crew members and 71 passengers.

The Philippine Coast Guard indicated that 4 more bodies had been recovered, even as 750 passengers from the passenger ship MV Saint Thomas Aquinas 1 had already been rescued.

The Philippine Coast Guard continued searching for possible survivors or bodies of fatalities from the MV St. Thomas Aquinas 7 that sank after colliding with the MV Sulpicio Express 7. In total 45 people are still missing.

Collision between both vessels resulted in an oil spill, which affected Cordova town, even as the provincial government declared a state of calamity over the entire Cebu.








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