Top 10 Busiest Ports In The World


The busiest ports in the world are determined on the basis of the container traffic passing through them. Thus, it is not necessary that the biggest ports in the world  are also the busiest ports in the world.

The marine domain has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few decades, necessitating port and harbour facilities to accommodate these ever-increasing requirements.

This is precisely why shipping authorities in every nation, are focussing of ensuring that their shipping ports are adequate to cater to the needs of the industry operators and drivers.

However, even while each nation focuses on improving its port infrastructure, there are a few global leaders with marine ports – bigger and busier than all others.

Listed below are details about 10 such busiest ports in the world, each singular and unique in its own right.

1. Singapore Port

The world’s leading busiest port, the Singapore port  is a collective identification to all porting terminuses encompassed with the port.

The Singapore has been instrumental in helping to re-shape the Singaporean economic system. Regarded to be the biggest hub for transhipment activities, about 30 million Twenty-Feet Equivalent Units (TEUs) were handled by the port in 2011.

2. Shanghai Port

The Port of Shanghai took over, from its Singaporean counterpart, the title of the world’s biggest port in the year 2010.

The port forms a very viable maritime porting channel for the River Yangtze and the East China Sea. The construction and development of the port has been acclaimed to be the crucial factor in the development of the city of Shanghai.

3. Port of Hong Kong

Serving to the South China Sea and a pivotal factor in the advancement of the Hong Kong province, the port of Hong Kong is the third in this list.

It’s inclusion as one of the busiest marine ports dates back to as early as 1987, when it was rated as the top-most busiest ports.

4. Shenzhen Port

The port of Shenzhen caters to industrial units and companies situated on the delta of the River Pearl.

The port is regarded to be the second most-engaged shipping ports in China, especially in the Southern part of the Chinese mainland.

5. Port of Busan

Catering to the South Korean city of Busan as a leading contributor to its economic activities, the port of Busan features fifth in this list.

Its container handling touches figures over 13 million TEUs, making it a veritable challenger to its other Asian counterparts, in the years to come.

6. Ningbo Port

Another Chinese porting facility, the Ningbo port is a highly regarded port in the country of China.

This is mainly because it helps facilitate an ease in the marine activities carried out between the Northern and Southern part of the country. The Ningbo recently made headlines as it was effectively merged with the port of Zhoushan to help better the nation’s freight handling operations

7. Port of Guangzhou

The nation’s busiest port in its Southern part, the port of Guangzhou caters of its namesake city.

It’s a primary port for general transit and core shipping activities carried out in the surrounding provinces along with helping marine activities in the delta of the River Pearl.

8. Port of Dubai

The port of Dubai is yet another star-studded attraction to the emirate of Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates.

In 2009, the port recorded a TEU-handling of over 10 million, which was monumental considering the crippling economic crisis plaguing the emirate at that time.

9. Port of Qingdao

The port of Qingdao caters to the province of Qingdao, located near the River Yellow.

The port is well-known for handling bulk carrier (dry-bulk) vessels, with its handling figures, crossing 10 million TEUs.

10. Port of Rotterdam

The biggest port in the European continent, the port of Rotterdam is the last of the largest ports as far as the traffic is concerned to be featured here.

It has a huge area spanning over 100 square kilometres, and was once rated as the top-most busiest ports in the world. Though initially, the city’s development led to the development of the port, over the years, this pattern has now reversed. The port of Rotterdam, thus in present times, can be credited as helping the city of Rotterdam progress incredibly.

These ports have been a constant as the world’s busiest shipping ports. In context, the nature of Asian prominence in this list is testimony to the fact that Asian nations are developing and displaying their superiority in a domain, once controlled by Western conglomerates and operators.



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