The Synergy towards the Maritime Problems Management


IMSCB held the Coordination Meeting of Information located at Grand Inna Hotel Bali, Wednesday (11/12/2013). Previously, the event was conducted at Manado, North Sulawesi. Thus, the event was attended by the representatives of the IMSCB stakeholders located at the East territory. For instance, Navy, Attorney, Customs, Marine Police, Adpel, KKP, Immigration, etc. The event was opened by the the Chief Executive of IMSCB Vice Admiral Bambang Suwarto accompanied by the Head of the center Information Legal and Coordination First Admiral Maritime Eko Susilo Hadi, SH, MH.

Thus, the Chief explained about the variety of criminal cases happened between two countries. Thus, many of them took place at the sea. It could be seen by the numbers of crime such as the illegal fishing, narcotics, also about the people smuggling.

The main agenda of this event was to discuss about the mechanism of the information and data sharing related to the coordination about the maritime security and safety in order to support the main duty and the function of the law enforcement inside the Indonesian territory.

Obviously, the event was regularly held by IMSCB in order to enhance the synergy between the IMSCB stakeholder related to the problems resolution. Thus, the information sharing was important between the stakeholders so that the resolution towards the cases could be resolve.






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