The Government Should Encourage Maritime Investment


JAKARTA—Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) said the government should have shifted investment from a land-based to maritime-based.

That’s because the concession in onshore already burdened by the cost of transportation increasingly expensive.

Meanwhile, regional development has proven uneven when investments are constantly being on the onshore and the area also cannot develop properly.

“Innovative policy is very useful for regional economic growth and movement so that the efficiency of the national economy which has cost the state can be suppressed,” said Kadin Deputy Chairman of Regional Empowerment Natsir Mansour, Monday (1/6).

He said, the synergy between the Ministry of Transport (MoT) and the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) is needed in order to actualize maritime based investment.

He explained the Ministry of Transportation as transportation administrator should more flexible in applying Maritime Law for investment purposes so employers willing to invest in this sector.

In contrary if Transportation Ministry policy still conventional thus the investment in this sector will be difficult and national economic cost remains high.

In addition, Kadin also suggested to Industry Ministry to be realistic seeing maritime industry shortage and not let the problem get worse in the future.







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