The Delegation of Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board Participated the Bilateral Meeting Between Indonesia and Malaysia


The 4th Working Group on the Agreement between the Attorney General’s Office of The Republic of Indonesia and the Attorney General Chambers of Malaysia on Legal Cooperation Activities was held at Nusa Dua, Bali (18-19/12/2013). It discussed about the drugs ‘Narcotics’ problem which involved the Indonesian and Malaysian citizen. Thus, it purposed on updating the data of the citizen who encountered the death pinalty related to the problems of narcotics and the other psychotropic from both country.

Thus, the delegation from Indonesian consisted of D. Andhi Nirwanto (Deputy Attorney general), A.K. Basuni Masyarif (Attorney General ‘The Head of the delegation). Ahmad Djainri (Directorate of general crimes), P. Joko Subagyo (Kajati of West Java), Babul Khoir (Kajati of Central Java), Erbindo Saragih (Kajati of Bali), Elvis Johnny (Head of Law Firm and Foreign Relations), Eko Susilo Hadi (Head of the Central Information Legal and Cooperation of IMSCB), Reda Manthovani (Head of the Foreign Cooperation in Attorney General), RR. Mahayu Dian Suryandari (Head of the MLA and Extradition, Law Firm and Foreign Relation in Attorney General), Hudiansyah Is Nursal (Head of the Law Advocacy Sub-division of IMSCB) and the representatives from Bali Customs P2 regional office.

Whereas, the delegation from Malaysian consisted of Hon. Datuk Tun Abdul Majid bin Tun Hamzah (Deputy Solicitor General II of the Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia), Mr. Abdul Wahab Mohamed (Head of the Prosecution Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia), Mr. Azmir Shah Zainal Abidin (Deputy Head of the International Affairs Division II of the Attorney General’s Chambers Malaysia), Hon. First Admiral Maritime Dato’ Zulkifli Abu Bakar (Maritime Crime Investigation Division of the MMEA), Capt. Azhari Abdul Aziz (Royal Malaysian Navy) dan Mr. Rizal Ahmad Kamal (Deputy Director of Customs of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department).

The meeting was welcomed by the speech of the Head of the delegation from both country. Furthermore, the 1st session was disscusing about the data updating about the citizen who encountered the criminal cases in each country. Thus, indonesian delegation was represented by (Dir.TPUL of JAMPIDUM) and continued with the discussion about the citizen who encountered the death pinalty related to the narcotics and psychotropic problems in each country.

Next, the 2nd session was discussing about the cases and problems of the citizen who involved in the narcotics and psychotropic matters. Both the delegation from Malaysian and Indonesian presented the latest data statistic and the constraints of the narcotics and psychotropics cases

After that, in the 3rd session IMSCB presented about the issues of the maritime security happened in the at the border between Indonesian and Malaysian. Meanwhile, the presentation from Malaysian was about their citizen who involved in the illegal fishing on the Indonesian maritime territory.

Therefore, the discussion concluded several things. For example, Malaysian government banned the foreign crews to work in the fishing boat ( A and B level). However, they were able to work in the fishing boat with C level ‘’ Fishing boat with 30nm operation’’. Additionally, the issues about the law for the fishermen was related to the Policy of both countries which will be discussed on the other forum. Both countries have giving the tolerance but the accuracy of the coordinate was very crucial when the interception occured. Thus, IMSCB suggested that the cooperation from both countries was very important related to maritime security in order to minimize the International Crimes such as narcotics and illegal fishing.

Obviously, the participation of IMSCB was very crucial considering the number of the crimes occured in the Maritime territorial jurisdiction which involved the fishermen from both countries. Finally, the meeting was closed with signing the Record of Discussion and changing the souvenirs.









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