The Chief Executive of IMSCB Observe the Patrol Ship Development in Batam


The Chief Executive of IMSCB Vice Admiral Bambang Suwarto conducted an inspection toward the development of IMSCB’s patrol ship KN.4803 in Batam, Wednesday (18-12-2013). Thus, the chief was accompanied by the vice commandant of Satgas 1 Maritime Colonel U.K Agung, ship watcher, and the Head of Activity Policy Formulation sub-division and the Head of Evalution Policy Preparation sub-division.

Moreover, the chief appreciated the progress of the development of KN.4803 which will approximately launch on January 2014. Thus, it will be operated at ALKI III under the command of Satgas III Timkorkamla Ambon. Moreover, there were 2 ships that still on the development progress in 2014.

Furthermore, the Chief explained that KN.4803 would keep the coordination of the join operation between stakeholders and IMSCB as well as KN. Singa Laut and KN. Bintang Laut which have been announced on the last September.







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