The 2nd Meeting Coordination of Legal Advocacy in the Central Region

After conducting the 1st Meeting Coordination on West Area, IMSCB continued on making the meeting coordination of Legal Advocacy focused on the Middle Area. Obviously, the Chief of Daily Executive of IMSCB directly opened the event which held on Aston Hotel, Balikpapan on Wednesday (19/03). Thus, the event which performing by the expert of Law was created in the form of consultation, negotiation, mediation, and assisting both on the inside and outside the court that aimed to solve the dispute in Law.

Moreover, the presenters of the event were Maritime Colonel (KH) Dr. Kresno Buntoro, Ministry of Forestry, Attorney General, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Finance, Mrs. Egy Sutjiati and Mrs. Ibu Retno Windarti, SH, MSi as the moderator. Also, the participants were coming from many institution such as Navy (Operation Officer of Palu, Balikpapan, and Tarakan), Police (Head of Law Enforcement sub division of North Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi), Attorney (Head of Special Crime section of Palu, Bitung, Tarakan), Custom (Bitung, Tarakan, and Balikpapan), Immigration (Head Office of Bitung, Tarakan, Balikpapan), Sea Transportation (Bitung and Balikpapan), and the representatives of Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs (Tarakan, Bitung, and Balikpapan)

In conclusion, this event was expected to create the synchronization of mindset, attitude, and action of the law enforcer to solve the problems occurred in the sea.

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