The 16th FDG


Forum Discussion Group (FDG) Regional Maritime security was held on 8-10-2013 at Abadi Suite Hotel & Tower, Jambi province. The Head of the Centre Preparation of the Policy Maritime First Admiral Drs. Satria f. Maseo, SH, MM led the team of FDG accompanied by the Head of the Preparation Policy Activities Division Maritime Colonel Yansen A. S., ST, MK, SH, the Leader of the Reviewing Policy Activities Sub Division Mayor Maritime Tuti Ida Halida, ST, M. ITM. The activities in the Abadi Suite Hotel Tower, Jambi was attended by 36 participants, comprised of a group of fishermen, the Jambi Marine Police, HNSI, Jambi KSOP, lecturer and Dean of the Law Faculty of Jambi University and Department of Marine & Fisheries Jambi.

FDG started with a greeting from The Head of the Centre Preparation of the Policy and followed by the exposure from the speaker (RCC, MRCC Construction Field Consultant, and the Satgas of IMSCB) about the issue of the security and the safety for the maritime community. Thus, an Interactive discussion was led by a Moderator from the Dean of the Law Faculty of Jambi University Mr. Ramlan, SH MH. The participants conveyed their concern, suggestion, and expectations especially in the presence of IMSCB (Hotline and Call-Center). FDG was closed with the submission of 5 books (Protap) to the representatives of the participants by The Head of the Centre Preparation of the Policy.

From the discussion, several things could be summed up. Obviously, Alutsista was the main tool for the defense system while the position of IMSCB was on the spectrum of security. Therefore, IMSCB only have the equipment for the Monitoring, Controlling and Surveillance System (MCS) for the ships located within the range of RCC, across Indonesia as well as several patrol boats used for the dissemination of information (as the mother vessel). The issue of supervision often associated with the illegal goods by means of the fishermen renting their ships for smuggling goods and people. Rampant of the drug smuggling occured through the body of the fish. In addition, the drug smuggling by sea was easier than land or air because of the existence of small port Indonesia.

In the activities conducted in Jambi FDG found several problems faced by the sea users. However, the forum was not only for the problems expressed by the maritime users but also it expected some suggestion especially in performing their job which is closely associated with the sea.





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