Tanjung Priok Port Boosts Efficiency Towards AEC 2015


JAKARTA – Tanjung Priok port has been boosting the efficiency of port activities with the integration of information technology devices and all related institutions in the port.

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II General Manager (Indonesia Port Corporation) of Tanjung Priok Ari Henryanto said the effort is taken to increase logistics efficiency towards ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015.

According to him, the entire port activity lines with the basis on information technology (IT) in Tanjung Priok port is ready to be implemented starting from January 2014 in order to meet the need of the most crowded port in Indonesia.

“We have prepared all. We are committed to provide a timely and efficient logistics service in the port,” he said to Bisnis, Friday (12/27).

According to him, the IT devices also include the implementation of single billing system for all kinds of shipping services as well as goods or containers loading and unloading in terminal 1, 2, and 3 of conventional jetty (Tanjung Priok multipurpose).

He expected all logistics business players including export and import companies in Tanjung Priok port could support port services efficiency program with the integration on the IT system.

“We have met the stakeholders in Priok port several times. There is even a port community which contains business player elements for giving input to the port development,” he said.

In addition, the land management program to enlarge the capacity of goods and containers load will still continue in 2014.



The Association of Indonesian National Importers (GINSI) Secretary General Achmad Ridwan Tento supported the implementation of single billing in Tanjung Priok port for it gives certainty to business world.

According to him, Tanjung Priok services require improvement to prepare the port towards AEC 2015 so that there will be a common in vision and mission for the efficiency of port services in Indonesia including in Tanjung Priok port.

He even recommended six efforts to perform in order to support the acceleration of goods mobility on the port as well as to make efficiency on logistics fee towards AEC 2015.

The six efforts are to create the same vision towards AEC 2015, to make legal certainty on business world through regulation, to regulate wild tariff on the port, to use rupiah currency in port services, to rejuvenate transportation fleet for goods and containers, as well as to involve importers association in every regulation discussion on importation.

“The recommendation was made from GINSI national meeting held recently. We have conveyed the result to the government and related institutions,” he said.

Ever since the rupiah depreciation to US dollar hit the land, the importation activity in the entire port declined approximately at 5%-10%. “The importation activity has even fallen by 8% in Priok port,” he said.



Source: http://business.bisnis.com/






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