Stevedoring Company Cuts 60% of Cargo Relocation Tariff

JAKARTA – Stevedore company cuts down more than 60% of relocation cost of non-container breakbulk cargo from terminal 3 and multipurpose terminal on Tanjung Priok port to provide efficient logistics service to owner of imported goods in the port.

Head of Indonesia Association of Loading Company (APBMI), Juswandi Kristanto, said so far the activity of breakbulk cargo relocation by overbrengen companies in Tanjung Priok port charges five types of cost namely moving from origin port to destination port, receiving, delivery, mechanism, and storage cost.

“Relocation of breakbulk cargo by stevedoring companies only imposes moving cost at IDR40,000 per tons and storage cost according to Decree by Board of Directors of Pelindo II, he told Bisnis this morning on Wednesday (9/11).

Juswandi said the overbrengen companies in Tanjung Priok port still charges relocation rates consisting of several costs such as moving (IDR40,000 per ton), receiving (IDR15,000 per ton), delivery (IDR15,000 per ton), mechanism (IDR22,000 per ton), and storage cost.

Secretary General of BPP Ginsi Achmad Ridwan Tento, previously stated the relocation of non-container breakbulk cargo from terminal 3 of Tanjung Priok port conducted by stevedoring companies uses long distance system but the cost inflicted on goods owner is overbrengen cost.

Meanwhile. General Manager of Pelindo II Tanjung Priok, Ari Henryanto, promised to regulate costs in Tanjung Priok port which does not have legal basis. “We will scrutinize if there are any unscrupulous collecting levies beyond the rules set by Board of Director, we will take a measure about it,” he confirmed to Bisnis (9/11).

Pelindo II, he added, will implement single billing on all kinds of activities in terminal 3 and multipurpose/conventional terminal in Tanjung Priok Port.

“Including for cargo and container relocation to ensure the exact logistic cost in the port,” he said


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