Spill Reported From Listing Oil Tanker Near Labuan, 7 Rescued


On Christmas day, an oil tanker began listing near Labuan. Nearly 400 gallons of oil out of the 53,000 gallons in the ship’s hold spilled in the surrounding waters. About 30% of the vessel has sunk.

The tanker, RAMAI DUA, sent out a distress call to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, but search and rescue efforts failed due to high waves. These conditions also hindered efforts to contain the oil leak.

The seven (7) Malaysian crewmen aboard the vessel were rescued safely, as the ship eventually drifted to shallow waters. The entire crew was transferred to a Marine Department boat after abandoning ship via lifeboat.

The Marine Departments of Sabah and Labuan are investigating the cause of the sinking.



Source: http://maritime-executive.com/



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