Six Hostages Freed by Pirates Off Nigeria


The six hostages taken by pirates off Nigeria nine days ago have been released unharmed.

One Russian, three Ukrainian and two Indian sailors were seized by gunmen after the Armada Tuah was attacked 40 miles off the coast of Bayelsa state on February 17th. The ship is owned by Nigerian firm Century Group.

The pirates demanded a ransom of USD$1.3 million, but local authorities state that no money was paid for the release of the crewmembers.

Attacks off the coast of Nigeria have skyrocketed this month resulting in the largest upsurge of Nigerian attacks since 2010. This increase also illustrates the willingness of pirates to go further offshore and use more violence.

Oil and shipping companies have to hire crisis management teams, pay huge insurance premiums and possibly ransoms, to operate in this oil-rich area.





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