Sinking of Permata vessel leaves two dead


Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) – The sinking of the Permata Sukron vessel on Sunday evening in Lembata District led to the deaths of two passengers.

“The accident occurred on Sunday evening, claiming two casualties identified as a husband and wife,” said Vice Regent of E Flores Valens Tukan in a phone interview with ANTARA News here on Monday.

Valens stated that the accident had occurred when the boat was travelling from Adonara Island of E Flores to Waijarang of Lembata District.

He noted that the victims names are Kapitan (55) and Bunga (48). Valens added that seven other passengers were safe after being rescued by fishermen in the waters.

The officers have moved the bodies of the two victims to their home town in Boleng Village of Adonara Island.

Meanwhile, the Vice Regent of Lembata District Viktor Mado Watun said the passengers of the Permata Sukron boat have relatives in Waijarang of Lembata District.

Viktor claimed the passengers had been forced to cross the sea to visit a deceased relative in Boleng.

“However, unfortunately, upon their return to Waijarang, the motor boat sank due to strong waves,” Viktor remarked.

The Vice Regent has called on boat operators to remain vigilant in monitoring the weather and condition of the waves, which could pose dangers to their vessels.





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