Sibolga Port reviewed by UNWFP for disaster mitigation readiness


Sibolga (ANTARA News) – The Port of Sibolga, North Sumatra, was reviewed by the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) representatives and proposed as one of the gates for food distribution in Sumatra during a disaster mitigation.

“The world`s food organization wanted to see the condition of the port located in the western coast of Sumatra and to review the logistic distribution capability for people who live in the disaster prone areas,” General Manager of PT. Pelindo I, Sibolga branch, Sihar Sihite said here Sunday.

The Project Manager of UNWFP Ian Figgins and his team also inspected the port`s operation, infrastructure and facilities used for logistic distribution.

Although the region was not expected to be affected by a disaster, Sihite said the UNWFP team expected to be able to distribute the logistic and food aid for disaster victims immediately in the affected areas through the Sibolga Port as well as the nearest capable ports in the region.

The Pelindo has given some data needed by the UNWFP, including the list of port`s officials and officers to ease the communication with the port`s authority.

Sihite said the UNWFP would promote the Sibolga Port, as one of the main logistic distribution for disaster mitigation efforts in Sumatra, to its headquarter in Roma, Italy.

“The condition of Sibolga Port is quite ideal to facilitate and give service to the users,” Sihite said.



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