Ship Sinks in Banda Sea, 19 Missing


TEMPO.CO, Kendari – A container ship, the KM Pemudi, drowned in the Banda Sea, Southeast Sulawesi on July 2. The ship, sailing from Surabaya to Nabire, Papua, was discovered to have been missing on Sunday. Of the 21 crew, 19 people are still missing.

“Our team continues to search by sea and air,” Wahyudi, a PR staff of the Kendari Search and Rescue team, said on Tuesday.

The KM Pemudi was reported to have drowned after being hit by strong waves and high winds. Wahyudi said that the search and rescue team only received reports on Sunday that the 4,249-ton ship was lost about 135 miles from the coast of Kendari. Due to the late report, Wahyudi said, the rescue team is having difficulties in finding the victims.

The bad weather these past two weeks, said Wahyudi, also hampers the search for survivors. “The height of the waves in the Banda Sea is about five to seven meters–that and the strong winds make it difficult for the team to evacuate.”










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