Seven ships not worthy for ferriage before Idul Fitr


Merak, Banten (ANTARA News) – At least seven out of 42 ships of the “roll on roll off” (roro) are not worthy to be operated for mass homeward exodus ferriage before Idul Fitr in 2013, official said.

Head of Merak seaport administration, Baptis Soegiarto said here on Wednesday that his office has checked the worthiness of 42 roro ships which will serve Merak-Bakauheni ferriage, seven of which were found not sea worthy.

“We cannot notify the seven unworthy ships,” Baptis said, suggesting that the seven ships should be repaired at dockyard before serving the Merak-Bakauheni ferriage.

According to Baptis, his office will recheck the 42 ships prior to the homeward exodus in effort to guarantee the passengers safety.

Meanwhile, the Inland Waterway Transport Service (ASDP) for Merak office spokesman, Mario Sardadi Oetomo said that ASDP will provide another ship, Port Link III with more than one thousand carrying capacity in addition to the existing ships.







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