Sea Scoopa Receives A NATO Stock Number


SOS Marine has announced today that as a result of recent testing, Sea Scoopa and the Sea Scoopa stretcher have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers by the Royal Australian Navy.

The Sea Scoopa is a compact man-overboard recovery system which has been designed for the saving of lives at sea whilst minimising harm to both the rescuer and the victim.

This multi-purpose rescue system reduces the risk of rescuer back injury and also reduces the threat of the person overboard limb entrapment in large apertures that can increase the possibility of drowning.

Importantly, the design also incorporates a stretcher to facilitate the movement of the victim on board the vessel and subsequent transfer.

The Sea Scoopa is manufactured by SOS Marine, Australia and designed by an Intensive Care Medicine Specialist, Professor Bob Wright who has over 40 years of ocean experience.

SOS Marine is an Australian manufacturing company that designs specialised life jackets and safety equipment for the armed forces, police and emergency services.

SOS supplies nine naval forces worldwide with safety equipment.


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