SBY to Inaugurate Pacitan Vessel in Basarnas’ 42nd Anniversary, Cilegon – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to attend The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas)’s 42nd Anniversary in Dermaga Pelabuhan Indonesia II, Merak, Cilegon, Banten. The event will also be attended by ministers and local heads.
In Basarnas’s anniversary on Wednesday, March 5th 2014, two Catamaran-type new vessels owned by Basarnas having 59 meters length will be inaugurated. Each vessel will be named after SBY and First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono’s cities of birth which are KN Pacitan or SAR 102 and KN Purworejo or SAR 101. Pacitan is SBY’s city of birth while Purworedjo is Ani’s city of birth.
Catamaran is a type of speed vessel having maximum speed of 29 knot. Besides having high stability, it can also be operated in bad weather and has a helipad.
The call for readiness is also supported by simulation performance from Basarnas and SAR’s potentials using 2 units Cassa planes, 2 units Dauphin helicopters, 2 units BO-105 helicopters, and 2 units Catamaran Rescue Boats.
Moreover, 2 units Hovercrafts, 1 unit rescue boat, 2 unit RIBs, 9 units Rubber Boats, 5 units paramotors, 2 units ambulances, 2 units amphibious boats, 1 unit multipurpose vehicle, 1 unit Hagglund, 6 units personnel-transport trucks, 20 motor trails, and other equipments are also involved in the event.
Basarnas was established on February 28th 1972, it has 33 SAR offices in the province, and was supported with several SAR’s potentials

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