Sailing Industry Faces Tough Challenge


MAKASSAR— Sailing industry faces tough challenge in this year along with the rise of fuel price, labor cost, port cost, and lingering anxiety ahead of ASEAN Economic Community 2015.

It is delivered by Head of Indonesia National Shipowners Association (INSA), Carmelia Hartoto, in a speech in Dissemination of Oil & Gas and Sea Transportation Policy in Makassar on Tuesday (9/10).

He argued market condition and sailing tariff tend to slow down as the economic situation is still uncertain for business sector.

“Three months ago, sailing tariff from Makassar-Kendari was IDR225,000 per ton, now it decreases to IDR140,000 per ton,” she said. As for Bontang-Pare-Pare, it decreases into IDR130,000 per ton from IDR185,000 per ton.

She argued, the weakening national economy occurred recently is quite Levitra worrisome. “The impact of this year’s crisis will be different from that in 2008 because the performance of sailing sector actually has slowed down since one year ago,” she said.

According to her, 2008 crisis was very severe, collapsing financial giants such as Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Fannie Mae. Yet, she continued, national sailing industry, at that time, had just implemented cabotage principle for three years, instead gained advantage.

Lots of cancelled orders to build ship and the fall of ship price benefited the national sailing sector to rise and flourish.

The result, she said, is now INSA members run 12,536 units of ship such as ships impossible to purchase namely VLCC, VLGC, FSO, and FPSO






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