Rupiah Should Be Used for Port Transaction

JAKARTA, – The government emphasizes that the use of rupiah for port transaction has to be conducted. The regulation to strengthen rupiah will give sanction for those who still do not use rupiah when doing transaction at port. Economy Coordinating Minister, Chairul Tanjung, emphasized that issue when contacted at his office in Jakarta on Monday (6/30).
When inspecting Tanjung Priok Port last week, Chairul found out that the transaction at several Indonesian ports still uses US dollar despite the regulation requiring the use of rupiah at port prevails.
The requirement has been regulated in Law No. 7/2011 about Currency. If people do not obey it, they will get criminal sentence. “Anybody without exception. It has been mandated by Law so it should be conducted, otherwise, criminal sentence will prevail. Later, it will not be other people to report it, but I myself will report it so they can be nabbed,” he asserted.
According to him, to take further action to this issue, his office has instructed Trade Minister, Muhammad Lutfi, to immediately re-arrange transaction system at port. The purpose is to let port authorities conduct the Law’s mandate to use rupiah as the official transaction means in Indonesia.
“Please monitor it thoroughly. Trade Minister is the coordinator. I have had a meeting just now to ensure that it will not be left un-conducted,” he said.
The obligation to use rupiah has been regulated in Law No. 7/2011 about Currency stating that the currency issued by Republic Indonesia is rupiah. The regulation explains that every citizen is required to obey the prevailing positive law, including Law No. 7/2011 about Currency. (Mhf)

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