RI, Australia to strengthen military cooperation


Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said the Indonesian and Australian governments will strengthen military cooperation in humanitarian fields.

“The construction of a U.S. military base in Darwin will not interfere with the sovereignty of Indonesia. We have received clarification from the U.S. and Australia that the military base construction would not threaten Indonesian sovereignty. The Defense Ministry`s Head of Public Communication has visited the base,” said Defense Minister Purnomo Yusguiantoro here Thursday.

Purnomo said that the bilateral relations had been stipulated in the Lombok Treaty agreement and Indonesia-Australia`s relations had been fine.

Both countries even have concern for humanitarian cooperation such as in emergency cases that occur in the waters bordering the two countries. Activities could be in the form of emergency treatment in case of a ship accident.

Cooperation will also be done in dealing with cases of illegal immigrants.

“If these immigrants are stranded in the Australian waters but the signal is received by Indonesia, then Indonesia would handle it,” he said.

The efforts would be taken by both countries through joint patrols that have been carried out in the Timor Sea.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence, Vice Marshal Eris Herryanto, said that in such cooperation efforts, Indonesian would deploy the National Search And Rescue Agency team.

“The cooperation will be further carried out at the meeting scheduled on September 2012. The meeting will also discuss details of cooperation, including the placement of the troubled ship. What will be based in Indonesia or not,” he said. (A050/YH)





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