Pros & Cons Of Fare Increase At Tanjung Priok


JAKARTA—Forwarder and logistic employers supports PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II’s plan to reduce dwelling time at Tanjung Priok Port by increasing container fare in port area.

Chairman of Indonesia Logistics and Forwarder Association of (ALFI) Jakarta Sofian Pane said ALFI does not object the port operator’s plan to raise the fare to reduce dwelling time of containers at the port.

Currently, he explained the port is frequently used as stockpiling. Ideally, containers at the port are stacked temporarily.

However, he proposed a plan that fare increase for stacking containers in Tanjung Priok limited to containers that have accumulated over the free time limit or during rush hour.

Currently, rate of accumulations of goods at Tanjung Priok applied progressively for 1-3 days for free, while the fourth until the 10th day the progressive rates applies at 200% of the base rate.

From the 11th day forward, the fare applies at 300% of the progressive rate. As for box stacking fares at Tanjung Priok Port, it is at IDR27.200 per box and for 20 feet, and IDR54.400 per box 40 feet.

He also proposed a progressive rate of container stacking in Tanjung Priok to be container increased up to 1.000% of the base rate to reduce congestion at the port and shorten dwelling time.

He said employees and related associations have discussed the plans of raising rates in the progressive buildup at Tanjung Priok. “But until now, it is not final yet,” he said.

He said, spending time and good services at the Port needs to be measurable and clear so the logistic cost can also be measured.

“Unlike now, the goods owner never has a fixed time ofr insertion and removal of goods at the port, this triggers the increase of condition logistics costs,” he said.

On the other hand, Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) Zaldy Masita is against Pelindo II’s plan to raise container storage rates in the port area.

He said, the port operator’s plan can be trouble service users, which in turn lead to high costing logistics.

“If Pelindo II raise container storage fares, the fare of loading and unloading should be lowered, thus services users will not be charged a higher port fare. Especially with IDR depreciation, unloading costs have increased 30%, “he said

If Pelindo II still raises the rates, he also ask Pelindo II to make corrections to the loading and unloading cost when dwelling time exceeds 6 days.

“” penalty system, if it exceeds 6 days , for example, Pelindo II becomes a subject to fines and storage cost free.”

He explained, optimal dwelling time in accordance with world-class ports like Singapore and Hong Kong is 3 days including customs and excise. “Six days too long,” he said

On the other hand, President Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II or Indonesia Port Corporation II (IPC) Richard Joost Lino previously said the company immediately raised fare of goods at the Tanjung Priok Port Jakarta to reduce the dwelling time.

Currently, the plan is arranged by internal team to communicate with service users in the Indonesia’s largest port.

” is being arranged because it cannot unilaterally arrange. There must be an agreement with the goods owner. We deliberately raise fares so that stacked goods can immediately be taken out,” he said.







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