Priok Port Not Seriously Shortens Dwelling Time


JAKARTA: Logistics business players assessed the Tanjung Priok port operators are not serious in shortening ships and goods services dwelling time from 7 days to 4 days.
Indonesia Logistic and Forwarder Association (ALFI) DKI Jakarta Chairman Sofian Pane said the dwelling time becomes the main factor of high cost. In fact, the government targeted the average dwelling time to only four days.
Sofyan said the dwelling time shortening is the only way to national logistics efficiency. “The port should become public service. We aim to give the best service to boost the national economy,” he told Bisnis on Wednesday (3/13).
If the dwelling time is not shortened, Sofian continued, government efforts to lower the cost of logistic seems difficult to achieve. Therefore, the business players urged port operators to focus on the port services.
Sofian continued that Pelindo II Tanjung Priok branch becomes the national logistics implementation benchmark since more than 65% of export-import and inter-island transport are controlled by Tanjung Priok port.





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