Piracy & Robbery At Sea Stats – May 2012


Recent reports have indicated a reduction in piracy and robbery incidents at sea recently, however, May 2012, according to OCEANUSLive records, show that 31 incidents took place in May 2012, the same amount as seen in April 2012, although this is a reduction on the same period in 2011.

East Africa, particularly the Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean regions, saw a slight decrease in overall attacks (2 fewer hijacks) than in April 2012. Although there is some debate on the reporting of incidents in the Gulf of Oman, and more robberies have been carried out at anchorages off Egypt.

West Africa suffered four incidents, including a robbery off Sierra Leone, with one hijack off Nigeria where the vessel was later released the same day.

In Asia, overall nine incidents took place, one more than in April 2012, however, two more than stated in the latest report by ReCAAP, the Information Sharing Centre based in Singapore. One hijack incident resulted in a Malaysian fishing vessel being taken but released before naval forces arrived. This number does not include the incident featuring North Korea and China dispute following the taking of Chinese fishing boats and fishermen, who were later released.

South America maintained a low level of incidents with the same amount of incidents, three, as in April. This does not include, however, the piracy incident involving a fishing vessel taken by 4 men (later arrested) in Guyana.

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