Piracy may increase as US Naval budget is reduced


A lot of people fear that piracy could increase because most of the defense budgets of the maritime countries are cut. Anti-piracy operations and patrols will be hit. Military forces patrolling the region of Somalia will be reduced.

The rate of pirate attack is going down, probably 40% of this is the presence of military vessels in the dangerous areas.

Ant Sharp, CEO of Typhon, the 1st naval-grade private convoy protection service for 220 years, told, “Take away the deterrent and the problem will return. While some claim there has been a reduction in piracy in recent years; pirates are opportunists, and any that have previously been deterred will soon see opportunity renewed as deterrents disappear.”

Environmental factors and cut of anti-piracy measures could activate the pirate attacks. Illegal overfishing from foreign fishermen could destroy the livelihoods of fishermen in Nigeria and Senegal.

“Their complaints are strikingly similar to those voiced by Somalia’s shortly before the boom in piracy. What starts as a defense of their livelihoods can quickly escalate into piracy as impoverished fishermen seek a living. If this pattern is repeated we could see an expansion of pirate hotspots to include the West Coast of Africa, an area that currently has no UK, EUNAVFOR or US Naval presence”

Sharp added more, “We continue to see regular acts of piracy even at a time when the levels are considered low. With ships still carrying 90 per cent of the world’s cargo, including essential commodities like oil and gas, the void left by the cuts must be filled. Typhon’s convoy service offers a replacement for the service being withdrawn due to cutbacks, and also offers services including offshore rig and port protection.”



Source: http://www.vesselfinder.com/


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