Pentagon Contract Tug Vessel sinks, spilling fuel in Guantanamo Bay


A Pentagon contract tug vessel inexplicably sank at the US Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, over the weekend, making a hazardous waste leak, the base reported on Monday.

The 60-foot tug vessel operated by a contractor, not the Navy, was named Little Debbie, stated Kelly Wirfel, base spokeswoman from the remote outpost. It was alongside a maintenance barge in the port in Guantanamo Bay, when it sank, she told, forcing closure of the bay and its beaches to recreational activities over the weekend but not disrupting the activity of the tug boat because Guantanamo has other tug vessels.

No injured people were reported. The reason of the accident is under investigation, Wirfel stated.

The latest incident happened a month after a barge bound for Guantanamo lost containers off South Florida, including a half-dozen new rental cars. Last fall, Superstorm Sandy churned up an inert 500-pound practice bomb, also closing some beaches.

“It’s always interesting here,” Wirfel added.






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