Pelni Eyes IDR 2.96 Trillion Revenue

JAKARTA – PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Pelni) targeted to obtain IDR 2.96 trillion revenue or a 3-percent hike from last year of IDR 2.51 trillion.

Akhmad Sujadi, Pelni Manager of Communication and Institutional Relations, said the firm purposefully makes this year’s target for 3% higher than last year since the number of vessel passenger is not too high.

The state-owned enterprise (BUMN) revenue in 2014 was IDR 2.51 trillion or a 1-percent hike from 2013 of IDR 2.499 trillion.

According to him, this year’s revenue will mostly come from passenger than commodity shipping sector.

Last year, passengers dominated for around 85.75% while the rest 14.25% was from commodity shipping. “2015 revenue portion keeps greater than passenger since Pelni received instruction from the government through PSO,” he said on Monday (2/2).

To achieve the target from passenger sector, he explained, the firm will focus on developing business promoting place to hold various events on board such as training or seminar.

Besides to obtain revenue from passenger sector, he added, the effort is similar with the government’s spirit to develop national maritime industry. “We do not target passenger sector to change significantly. In addition, we also restrict passengers during peak season.”

Meanwhile, Pelni also does not allocate investment in this year. According to him, Pelni is still awaiting state capital injection (PMN) budget currently under discussion in Representative House (DPR). The budget proposed by the firm is IDR 500 billion to purchase six second-hand vessels.

The commodity vessel size comprises two 700-TEU vessels and four 350-TEU vessels. “It takes long time to construct new vessels while we need to move quickly,” he asserted.

From the six commodity vessels, he added, the firm will operate them in five routes namely Tanjung Priok-Kijang, Tanjung Priok-Tobelo, Tanjung Priok-Seruwi, Tanjung Perak-Tual and Tanjung Perak-Reo.

The time needed for one voyage is 15 to 30 days. The routes are non-commercial or pioneer routes.

Pelni CEO, Soni Wibisono, said his office is awaiting public service obligation (PSO) budget from Transportation Ministry.

This year, the firm proposed passenger PSO of IDR 1.6 trillion. However, he said his office proposed additional PSO budget of IDR 324 billion along with the plan to give PMN to operate six commodity vessels with five of which are for pioneer routes. (Bisnis Indonesia)

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