Pelindo II Reaps IDR1.6 Trillion Revenue

JAKARTA – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II Tanjung Priok Port branch has reaped IDR1.6 trillion revenue in semester 1 from the target of IDR3.4 trillion until late this year.

General Manager of Tanjung Priok Port Ari Heryanto, said the port sets to reap IDR3.4 trillion until late this year, up to semester 1, the port has reaped IDR1.6 trillion revenue.

He said 55% of the port’s revenue is from loading and unloading activity, while the remaining 45% is from water management and leasing fee from tenants.

He said there is no increase in container flow in Priok in the last 6 months. He hopes in the next semester there will be an increase in the activity so that it will contribute to the port’s revenue. “Hopefully there will be an increase,” he told Bisnis, Monday (7/14/2014).

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