Pelindo II Changes Layout In Tanjung Priok For Development

JAKARTA – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II has changed the jetty layout in Tanjung Priok port along with the port management devolution to PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok starting from July 2014.

General Manager of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II for Tanjung Priok branch Ari Henryanto said the attempt is taken to encounter the global logistics services competition towards the implementation of Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2015.

According to him, the company has prepared the jetty clustering system with a new layout including the management of Tanjung Priok which will be more effective.

In the new layout, he said, it will be built a 1,858 meter jetty for international container service, a 4,169 meter domestic container jetty, a 1,176 meter international breakbulk jetty, as well as a 3,286 meter jetty for liquid bulk, non-container, cement, and dry bulk services.

“The jetties readiness becomes the development and investment result of Pelindo II in Tanjung Priok port. The new layout will streamline the logistics services in Priok port,” he said in the socialization with businessmen association and service users in Tanjung Priok port, Tuesday (3/11).

The association which participated in the socialization included Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI), Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) Jaya, Indonesian Loading and Unloading Companies Association (APBMI), Indonesian National Importers Association (GINSI), Indonesian Exporters Association (GPEI), and Port Special Land Transportation Organization.

Within the last 5 years, he said the allocated investment for Tanjung Priok has reached IDR2 trillion, added with the investment which was obtained from the loading and unloading companies partners during the period of IDR3 trillion.

This year, Pelindo II will make a IDR1 trillion investment in Tanjung Priok which was obtained from the company’s internal cash.

The investment is allocated for the jetty sharpening and stacking strengthening of 209L, 210-211 fields, development of 109-110 field, the provision of eight telescopic coil units, as well as the strengthening and elevation of 005 stacking field and ex-Glorius field.

“Most of the total investment of 2014 or more than IDR500 billion is allocated for the jetty development and establishment as well as the facilities provision in Priok,” he said.

IPO 2016

Further he said the current total assets in Tanjung Priok port have reached IDR3.8 trillion. After 2 years of operation or amid 2016, PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok will be encouraged to be public listed company.

“The IPO (initial public offering) may be conducted in 2016 or 2 years after the company has been operated,” he said.

Ari is optimistic that Tanjung Priok port still becomes the magnet of domestic and international logistics activities in view of the economic strength and strategic location which has placed Jakarta as the center of domestic and international maritime traffic.

“Over the period, as many as 36% of Indonesia’s gross domestic revenue is centered in Jakarta while Priok port is the gateway of more than 65% of export import activities,” he said.

Meanwhile, INSA Jaya Chairman C. Alleson was questioning the IT system in Tanjung Priok port readiness especially in integrating the whole ship and port services by inaportnet.

The integrated IT system with inaportnet, he said, is crucial in order to avoid manual transaction play.

“INSA Jaya has trained 45 cruise companies based in Priok in order to access the inaportnet system,” he said.

In the meantime, Chairman of APBMI in Jakarta Juswandi Kristanto assessed that the implementation plan of single billing in Priok needs to be communicated more concretely with the loading and unloading business players (PBM).

All of this time, PBM is the one which covers all expenses for the loading and unloading activities in the port especially for breakbulk cargo. “This is because the payment from the goods owner would take a lot of time until 6 months,” he said.

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