Pelindo II Allocates IDR1 Trillion To Revitalize Tanjung Priok Port

JAKARTA-Pelindo II allocated up to IDR1 trillion to expand the dock facilities and the general goods dwelling landscaping and containers in the Tanjung Priok Port in 2014.

Pelindo II Tanjung Priok Port branch General Manager, Ari Henryanto said investment allocation derived from company’s budget is aligned with the work program of Tanjung Priok port that has been set in the company’s meeting last week.

In this year, Priok Port will operate or control tower supervisor for international container services, including setting up systems and information technology-based online services to domestic containers.

“This year we also focused to actualize dock clustering system to separate ship services based on the type of cargo,” he told Bisnis, Tuesday (2/25).

He said, Priok port terminal 2 will be focused serve ships and breakbulk cargo, while terminal 3 Priok port for container ships activities.

He also said, the 2014 investment also including land side gate structuring as out access into the port terminal or line 1.

“It will also be continued with the area of warehousing arrangement in line 2 as an extension or buffer line terminal 1.We are targeting all these years to be sorted out,” he said.

Transformation Process

He explained branch of the Tanjung Priok port will also officially operates as a limited liability company (PT) in July 2014, along with the continuation of the process of transformation Priok Port to compete in the global arena and in the service user demands streamline logistics services in the country.

“If it has been operating as PT, we guarantee there will not be any additional costs at the port. Instead it is more efficient logistics services in Priok,” he said.

He also invited partners stevedoring companies (PBM) to spur investment and procurement of equipment supporting unloading facilities at Priok Port.

Until now, there are already have commitments from three PBM will add equipment at Tanjung Priok, namely PBM Olah Jasa Andal as many as 7 units of loading and unloading equipments, Dwipa Hasta Utama as many as 2 unloading equipment, and PBM Adipurusa of 2 units quay container crane (QCC).

He explained, over the last four years, the value of the investment and development of dwelling landscaping dock at the Tanjung Priok Port already cost more than IDR2 trillion.

“With such a large investment that we have put out, need the support of all stakeholders to continue the transformation process Priok port today,” he said.

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