Pelindo I To Develop Belawan & Kuala Tanjung Ports


JAKARTA—PT Pelindo I will develop several ports and unloading equipment procurement worth IDR3.7 trillion this year.

The Company’s Corporate Secretary, M. Eriansyah explained Belawan and Kuala Tanjung ports development is a strategic project that will be developed gradually starting this year.

According to him, several ports development and unloading equipment will spend IDR3.7 trillion which is derived from Company’s internal cash and bank loan from Islamic Development Bank (IDB), banks syndicate and some of construction SOEs.

Eriansyah said Belawan port development divided into three stages.

“First stage has been doing since 2012 with the addition of 100 meter jetty and five units of container crane,” he told to Bisnis (2/13).

He explained in second stage development will be undertaken in 2013-2015 including 700 meter extension dock project and five units container crane. In 2013 will be conducted dock extension along 350 meter and the rest will be undertaken in 2014-2015.

Currently, the Belawan port length only 950 km and if it is extended so the port will reach 1,650 km.

The third stage development, will undertake extension program in 2016 with develop an international hub port in Kuala Tanjung, he added the Company will prepare Kuala Tanjung port if Belawan had overbooked





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