Pelindo I Cooperates with Wijaya Karya and Hutama Karya

JAKARTA – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) I Medan cooperates with two state-owned construction enterprises namely PT Wijaya Karya and PT Hutama Karya for phase-2 berth construction in Belawan Port with IDR 1.4 trillion construction cost.

“The project is conducted in form of joint venture between Pelindo I, PT Wijaya Karya, and PT Hutama Karya,” said Suradi, PT Wijaya Karya Corporate Secretary, in his clarification letter related to the news titled ‘Waskita Karya Works on Phase-2 Berth Construction’ in Bisnis Indonesia on Monday (2/2) edition.

The cooperation of the three firms is realized by forming a new entity named PT Prima Terminal Petikemas whose 70% shares is owned by Pelindo I, 15% shares is owned by Wijaya Karya, and 15% shares is owned by Hutama Karya.

Prior to that, Pelindo I CEO, Bambang Eka Cahyana, said the joint venture will construct the 2nd phase of berth in Belawan for 350-meter length starting this year and completed within 2.5 years.

“Some basic changes occur in the berth construction at Belawan. The mud on the berth will be sucked up and replaced with sea sand so it will be stronger,” he said on Friday (1/30).

According to him, if the phase-2 berth construction is completed and it begins operation, big vessels can be berthed in Belawan Port.

The phase-2 berth construction with 400,000-TEU capacity has been planned since two years ago. As the time goes on, its construction is stalled since the new government gives phase-2 berth management concession for 69 years to Pelindo I around October last year.

Berth Dredging

Meanwhile, PT Prima Terminal Petikemas CEO, Jansen Sitohang, added phase-2 berth dredging has been started since this year and will be completed within a year.

Moreover, it will be resumed with 350-meter berth construction to the sea. According to him, the total budget needed for it is IDR 14 trillion while the equipment which will be used costs around IDR 1.4 trillion. Therefore, the total investment budget for phase-2 berth construction reaches IDR 2.8 trillion. (Bisnis Indonesia)

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