Pelindo Banjarmasin Improve Container Service Productivity


Along with the increasing commodity flow in ports, synergy between operational and operational supporting department is a must. By the support from the supporting line by providing facilities and maintain instrument use readiness for the availability of the instruments kept upper than 80% so that it can push the performance and operational.

To improve container performance, Pelindo III Banjarmasin always tries to hold varied breakthroughs such just implemented, that was the replacement of gantry pad, or wheel pad on Rubber Tyred Gantry container lifter or RTG. The wheel pad which previously use usual paving, it is presently use reinforced concrete blocks. This replacement is based on bogged down field condition on certain areas due to land structur of the port relatively shifted while assuming pressure on RTG which ranged of 40 tons.

Using gantry pad had been based by the held comparation study on TPKS port branch. Differently with TPKS which using gantry pad in form of concrete with iron plate, in Banjarmasin port, it uses 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.3 m concrete blocks with k300 quality which able to assume such load. Using block-shaped gantry pad has it advantages, they are if there is bogged down area, then it can be repaired on the bogged area, not entirely.

The block making has been started from 23 May and presently it has been 48 units completed and there still be produced of 150 units for 1 RTG lane of 115 m. Meanwhile, the application held gradually for the operation not to be halted. Som concrete blocks are used as container sitting plate on CY Muat for not to drown in flood.

In addition to the breakthroughs on facility availability, maintenance of the instruments are also held by Pelindo Banjarmasin. This works implemented under Technical Division in the Office of Instruments and Installation which periodically hold maintenance on stevedoring instruments owned by Pelindo Banjarmasin, including Container Crane, RTGs, Generator and other varied mechanical instruments.

Each day, staffs from the Office of Instrument and Installation held routine check on the instrument in port, including for generator to container crane, from the electrical condition and fuel sufficiency. On container crane instrument, routine maintenance is greasing, that is lubricating the joints of instrument, including spreader and driving motor for not worn out, in reminiding that this instrument worked for 24 hours.

After greasing on the machine, there held function check with varied movement such like hois up/down, trolley, Boom Up/Down, Gantry. All functions are checked. Presently, in Banjarmasin Container Terminal has 4 unit CCs, 11 units RTGs and 17 units Spreaders and varied levers for port operational and serving increasing container flow overyears. For May 2012, the container flow was accounted of 32.191 boxes or equal with 35,107 TEUs. It is a big number for container service and along with developments in varied facilities such as CY and quay expansion, this flow is projected in increasing direction for the future.



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