Pelabuhan Indonesia: The Four of PT Pelindo Establish TPI Subsidiary Enterprises


SURABAYA—PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I, II, III and IV agreed to work together to form a subsidiary enterprise engaged in container service. At this early stage they will bind together with five ports with the similar sharing stock composition by 25%.

According to the plan, the subsidiary enterprise of PT Pelindo I-IV namely Indonesia Container Terminal (TPI) will integrate services in five container ports located in Belawan (Medan/Pelindo I, Batam/Pelindo II), Jakarta (Pelindo II), Surabaya (Pelindo III), Makassar (Pelindo IV) and Sorong (Papua/Pelindo IV).

President Director of PT Pelindo III, Djarwo Surjanto, said that currently the four Pelindo have agreed to form a subsidiary company engaged in logistics services in five locations, especially container ports.

He said, the Ministry of BUMN has facilitated Pelindo III or other Pelindo BUMN (I, II and IV) to synergize the capabilities and potential in the container service sector so that they becomes more connected.

“The principle is now Pelindo I-IV have agreed to form a subsidiary enterprise in that sector,” said Djarwo receiving Futsal Journalist Forum team of Tanjung Perak Port, Wednesday (06/20).

Djarwo explained the composition of the shares was distributed equally as 25%, adjusted with the capital as deposited later. Their hope is the company may be formed at the end of this year so it can operate soon in the year end or early 2013.

He confirmed that the formation of the subsidiary enterprise is expected to reduce logistics costs, considering this aspect which is complained by many people.

“The formation principle of TPI is to implement the concept of Main Sea Corridor or Indonesia East-West to facilitate sea trade routes.” (bass)


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