PANN Is Working on PT Pupuk Indonesia’s Handymax Vessel for USD 15 Million

TRIBUNNWES.COM, JAKARTA – PT PANN Pembiayaan Maritim, the subsidiary of PT PANN (Persero) is targeting to realize the procurement of handymax-type fertilizer shipping vessel of PT Pupuk Indonesia Logistik for around USD 15 million.
Both companies signed the MoU last week to procure a fertilizer shipping vessel. The signing took place at Grand Hyat Hotel, Jakarta, by PT PANN Pembiayaan Maritim CEO, Suhardono, and PT Pupuk Indonesia Logistik CEO, Kotot Wasisto.
Suhardono said that the cooperation had been established since long time ago as the part of state-owned companies’ synergy implementation. “This is a strategic cooperation to facilitate the logistic flow of farmer’s basic needs which is fertilizer,” he said.
After this MoU, PT PANN Pembiayaan Maritim and PT Pupuk Indonesia Logistik will prepare a roadmap to expedite vessel procurement. “This vessel will not only be used for domestic fertilizer shipping, but also for exporting, including fertilizer’s raw materials,” emphasized him.
He explained that fertilizer industry transportation means in Indonesia should be improved to support our independence and national food resilience. By improving the role of maritime transportation means, logistic shipping for fertilizer commodity will be more competitive.
PT PANN Pembiayaan Maritim is a funding institution specifically established to support national trading vessel funding. The company has much experience in that field since 1974.
PT Pupuk Indonesia Logistik CEO, Kotot Wasisto, and his office expect that the procured vessel will be made in Japan since it is fuel-efficient and can easily be obtained.
However, he continued, his office would open up the order to domestic shipyard. “Even we will possibly order it in domestic shipyard. Currently, we are looking for second-hand vessels. It is estimated to be realized in this year,” he said. (Mhf)

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