Norwegian Car Carriers Investigating Possible Ship Collision off Japan


Norwegian Car Carriers (NOCC) made the following statement regarding an accident off Japan on June 23, involving a Japanese fishing vessel, and where efforts are under way to establish whether a NOCC vessel was involved:

NOCC has been informed by the Japanese Coast Guard that, on 23 June 10:15 hours (LT), the Japanese flagged fishing vessel “Yujin Maru no. 7” was hit by another vessel and broke in two, some 300 km off the Japanese coast south / east of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.

The Japanese Coast Guard believes the “NOCC Oceanic” may have been involved in the collision, and has instructed the vessel to proceed to the nearest port, Sendai-Shiogama, for investigations, including a check of the hull.

According to the 2nd Regional Office of Japan Coast Guard, eight crew members were rescued by the sister ship “Yoshi Maru No.55” at 13:50 hours LT on the same day. Regrettably, we understand the Captain of “Yujin Maru no. 7” is still missing and that a rescue operation has been launched. We sincerely hope that the missing person will be found.

The master of “NOCC Oceanic” has not reported any indications that the vessel has been involved in such a collision. However, NOCC will of course contribute fully to the investigation. “NOCC Oceanic” is now underway to Sendai-Shiogama port, where she is due to arrive on Monday 21:00 hours LT.

A team representing NOCC, its insurance underwriters, technical manager are en route to Sendai-Shiogama to assist in this investigation.

“NOCC Oceanic” (6,450 ceu) was built in 2012.






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