New US Coast Guard Regs for Vessels Inbound from Most Yemeni Ports


Due to lack of effective anti-terrorism measures in many Yemeni ports USCG to impose conditions of entry into US waters.

The regulations came about following a Coast Guard finding that Yemeni ports do not maintain effective anti-terrorist measures along with an assessment that Yemen presents a significant risk of introducing instruments of terror into maritime commerce. In addition, Yemen’s legal regime has deficiencies in the areas of access and cargo control and designated authority oversight, the notice states. It adds that the U.S. government notified Yemen in December of “steps necessary to improve anti-terrorism measures,” but hasn’t heard back since.

As a result, ships having docked in any Yemeni port excepting the Ash Shihr oil terminal, the Balhalf liquid natural gas terminal and the port of Hodeidah (also spelled al Hudaydah) during their past five ports of call must notify the Coast Guard prior to arrival into U.S. waters and report on heightened security measures undertaken while docked in Yemen.

Those measures include guarding all ship access points, ensuring that guards have total visibility of the ship from both land and water sides, and attempting to execute a declaration of security while in a Yemeni port. Declarations of security specify security measures to be undertaken by vessels and ports.

The notice states that the Coast Guard may require affected ship operators to hire armed private security guards while docked in a U.S. port.


To access the official notification in full click here.


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