Navy chief: Increasing military budget reflects strong deterrent effect


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The increase in the military budget of South East Asian countries reflects deterrent effect in the region, Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy Admiral Marsetio said.

“The rise of defense budget of countries in the region reflects the increasing deterrent effect. It is just reasonable for the them to increase their military budget,” said Marsetio in his after attending the Jakarta International Defense Dialogue on Thursday.

Although Indonesia decided to rise its military budget, the government and the military will consistently give priorities to the sense of brotherhood and national sovereignty.

He believed that other countries with rising military spending would be responsible for their military strength while at the same time also bow to the common rules.

“They will certainly maintain mutual respects in their relations and obey the rules in force despite their increasing military spending,” he said.

Meanwhile, Maritime Commander for the Pacific Region of the French Defense Ministry Rear-admiral Anne Cullerre said budget increase for defense was needed to build stability and security in the region.

“This is what we want how to create stability and peaceful condition in the region,” said Cullerre.

Besides, she said that joint naval exercises also could be conducted to promote military and security cooperation among countries. “The more parties who join, work together and build interoperability, the better thing to nurture mutual trusts,” Cullerre said.




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