Minister: Indonesia to revitalize eight ports to attract more cruisers


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA РEight ports in Indonesia will be revitalized until 2014 to become the terminal of touring cruiser. The ports were expected to attract more cruiser to visit Indonesia, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Marie Elka Pangestu said.

“In roadmap 2014, we will have eight ports,” she said on the sidelines of Indonesia and APEC’s Regional and Global Opportunities in Jakarta on Monday. The project is a cooperation between Ministry of Tourism and Economic Creative, Ministry of Transportation, and PT Pelindo.

She mentioned that the eight ports were Benoa in Bali, Surabaya, Pekalongan, Semarang, Belawan in Medan, Labuhan Bajo, and Tanjung Peting in Kalimantan. “The ports will be grading so that cruises can park,” she said.

The ongoing first project is Benoa Port in Bali. The memorandum of understanding has been signed on Saturday between the ministries and Pelindo III to develop cruise tourism in Benoa.

Minister Pangestu targets 120,000 cruises to visit Indonesia this year. The number is expected to jump into 600,000 in 2016. She believes that the number will be increasing after the project is done.



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