Minister: Indonesia needs 12 submarines to secure territories


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID,¬†JAKARTA – Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said on Wednesday that as a country consisted up of islands, Indonesia need at least 12 submarines by 2024 to achieve a minimum essential force (MEF) for securing its maritime areas. “Two-thirds of Indonesia`s total geographical area is covered by sea and we need submarines to monitor it. We need more than 10 submarines,” the defense minister said on Wednesday.

At present, Indonesia is building three submarines in collaboration with South Korea. One was being built by South Korea and another by state-shipbuilding firm PT Pal in cooperation with South Korea, Yusgiantoro stated.

“Once these three are completed, they will add to Indonesia’s existing submarine fleet of five,” he added.

The construction of additional submarines could be carried out in Indonesia, and the existing ones could also be overhauled here, Yusgiantoro noted. “We hope that PT Pal is able to design the required components for the submarine on its own, so that in future it can assemble as well as build a submarine itself,” the minister said.

The Commander of the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) Admiral Agus Suhartono expressed his hope that the requirement for 12 submarines was met even before 2024. It was essential for Indonesia to secure and maintain peace in its naval territories, the TNI chief said.


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