Master Forgets to Close the River Ferry Bow Ramp and caused flooding


Operator of a ferry ship escaped prosecution after a ship flooded when its bow ramp was left open as it crossed River Clyde in Scotland.

The potential accident occurred as the Clydelink-operated Renfrew ferry ship was passing across the river among Renfrew and Yoker in Glasgow with opened bow access door ramp, according the information released by “The Scotsman.”

People onboard the ferry vessel were forced to scramble to the far end of the ship or jump on to seats after it began taking in water.

The accident that involved the Island Trader on a Sunday afternoon service in June 2011, is being reported to have led to the ferry vessel’s skipper switching off the engines and activating its pumps.

But this accident has now been closed by prosecutors, angering some travelers, despite a report into the accident being sent to the procurator fiscal by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).





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